What We Offer

We strive to bring authentic and fresh Asian cuisine to your table and introduce you the unique and delicious flavors. Each dish and each plate we prepare is with love and passion.


Business catering, meal combinations. We have two big categories for your to choose from, Sushi Party and Asian Party

Sake Collection

Sake (/ˈsɑːki/ SAH-kee), a Japanese rice wine which is produced by a brewing process more akin to that of beer.

We have wide range of Sake collections and you sure will enjoy the tast of them.

Bento Yummies

Carefully prepared for field trips, sports events and group activities. With balanced nutritions and variety of tastes.

Live Music

We have a fantastic musician who has been working with us for almost 10 years. He sings and plays a variety of music which brightens up the space and makes your dining experience more enjoyable!